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Upping the Art of Pasta

Pasta is enjoying even greater popularity and many pasta makers are also embracing the artisan food movement by offering colorful pastas. Mike Riley shares some colorful alternative pastas you can find in the market now.

Pasta’s new wave of popularity, according to the Food Institute, is due to several factors. During the past year, it was viewed as comfort food by many or a good economical choice by others. It also fits perfectly into a plant-based lifestyle as many more people commit to a healthier diet sans meat. But there is also the fact that it is just so much fun to eat. As a result, many makers of artisan pastas are pulling out all the stops.

Be sure to follow along with Ron Fenolio’s guide to building a tomato sauce in Start with the Perfect Tomato. Your delicious homemade sauce, paired with a beautiful pasta–there is only one thing we can say: Buon appetito!

Mike Riley

May, 2021

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