Salmon with Raspberry Wine Sauce

Photo: David B. Townsend,
Contributor: Ron Fenolio

If you wish to make the raspberry sauce more complex put a dash of lavender bitters and a dash of cherry brandy or raspberry brandy in it while it is reducing. Careful though—lavender bitters can overpower. This recipe was written to demonstrate food and wine pairing techniques.

Prep Time: 15 min
Cooking Time: 25 min

1 Pint Fresh raspberries
4 Salmon steaks
1 Bottle Pinot Noir


First, begin the sauce: put a container of fresh raspberries in a pan and gently simmer with red wine (I usually use pinot noir) until you have reduced the mixture by half. Keep the heat low, the sugar in the raspberries will otherwise burn.

While the sauce is reducing, place the salmon steaks in a cold pan. Cover with the same pinot noir. Bring up to a boil and then turn down to either a very low simmer or even off. Let the salmon sit in the hot wine gently poaching to the desired degree of doneness.

Once the sauce and the salmon are ready, put the salmon steaks on a platter, cover with the raspberry sauce, serve with a glass of the self-same wine.

Salt and pepper to taste.

Wine Pairing Suggestion
Pinot noir with an aroma of raspberries, cherry brandy, and lavender.

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