The autumnal colors are all out in their splendor—I am writing you now from Tahoe—it is a good time to be up here in the Sierra-Nevadas where we have crisp, clear weather and thin crowds!

Thanks to our Treasurer and former President Ron Derenzi for an interesting slate of October Thursday speakers. Looking forward to the offerings of Board Member Don Zingale which promise to be another feast of erudition! Do attend these noon repasts at the San Francisco Italian Athletic Club—good food, plenty of wine, interesting speakers and memorable camaraderie with fellow Cenacolisti and their guests. Please make the effort also to invite your friends to dine with us and become acquainted with our Italian Cultural Club and what we have to offer. Our web site www.ilcenacolosf.org is a great segue into what we are all about. Note that with Thanksgiving and the Holidays, we will only have a total of six Il Cenacolo Thursday Luncheons during November and December.

Speaking about November and December, we have three of our favorite festivities coming up:

• Our annual Italian “Dinner & a Film (see following page): “Put Grandma in the Freezer” on the evening of Saturday Nov 2nd at the Marin Civic Center. Call our vice-President David Cobb (707) 888-2311: only a few tickets left!

• Our annual Christmas Gala set for Sunday, December 15th at the Saint Francis Yacht Club. This year we will be honoring our former President and Board Member Chuck Stagliano for all that he has contributed to our Cultural Club and Community. As in the past, this will prove to be a memorable and enjoyable banquet in a festive setting. Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate Chuck and our Holiday Season with your significant friends and relatives.

Finally, reminding you to also plan to take your spouses, significant others and friends to our special Thursday, December 19th luncheon at the SFIAC—during which the Merrie Olde Christmas Carolers will be entertaining us as they have in the past, a special prelude to the holidays, and a perfect introduction to the Il Cenacolo gang! (See page 8).

Signing off and wishing all of you a Buon Giorno del Reingraziamento,