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Grazie! – Thank you!

Molte Grazie! – Thanks alot!

Grazie Mille! – Thank you very much!

Grazie a Dio! – Thank God! 

Grazie al Cielo! – Thank goodness!

Grazie di cuore – Thank you from the heart.


Aria (feminine noun)

[à·ria]  Originally meaning “air” it also refers to a melody or song for one of the leading singers in an opera or choral work.

It is also used in several expressions:
Fare castelli in aria = build castles in the sky
Cambiare aria = have a change of scenery, take a break
Campare d’aria = live on air
Aria fritta = hot air, empty talk

Picture of Len Bargellini

Len Bargellini

Born to Florentine parents, Len Bargellini grew up speaking Italian at home. His father taught him the love of engineering, travel and languages (his father spoke eight while Len "only" speaks three), and his mother taught him about great food and how that brings people together. This accounts for Len's many travels, his rich Florentine accent, and his love of food and wine! (Photo: Anthony Somkin)

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