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Celebrate life, Italian style. La vita! is a celebration of life well-lived. Explore Italian history, wine, food, and even learn to speak a bit of Italian.


Professor James J. Boitano, Cenacolista and Past President, has a passion for Italian history and culture. Since 2010 he has been writing about all things Italian that catch his fancy: composers, politicians, artists, designers, race car drivers, film directors, opera stars–to name a few! In this growing collection of essays, he graciously invites us to join him in celebrating the rich beauty of our Italian culture and heritage.

VINO E CIBO (wine and Food)

What gets more to the heart of Italian culture than food and wine? In VINO E CIBO, we explore and revel! Ron Fenolio is our guide, with his culinary blog including informative articles on recipes and wine pairing techniques. He also offers Q&A: have a favorite meal and wonder which wine pairs well? ASK RON!

Our members also chime in with their own family recipes. A fun and surprising collection!

Italian Word of the day with Len Bargellini

LINGUA ITALIANA (Italian Language)

The Italian language is as luscious as its food! Len Bargellini delights us with his rich Florentine accent and a salad of words!


Spumante! is the place where members of Il Cenacolo can share—books read, movies watched, adventures hadall the fine moments that bubble up to delight “La Vita”!

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