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Founded in 1928, Il Cenacolo is an Italian cultural club providing opportunities for camaraderie and service to its 150 members. One of the great benefits of joining Il Cenacolo is the community it affords. Our popular First Thursday Speaker series is held monthly after our general meeting and members’ lunch. (We break from this schedule during our annual summer and winter holidays.)

Featured speakers cover topics on ‘all things Italian’—music, arts, architecture, cuisine, culture—as well as other topics of interest such as San Francisco history and much more.

This monthly gathering is held at the North Beach San Francisco Italian Athletic Club. Good food and wine, together with spirited camaraderie, make these events festive and fun. Speakers may present in person at the SFIAC or remotely via Zoom. The remote Zoom presentations are also available to members who cannot attend live or online.

We host various special events for our members throughout the year. Highlights from the past include our Winter Festival and Person of the Year Award Ceremony, our Sal Reina Opera Outing in a lovely garden setting, or the fun ‘Dinner and a Movie’ night out to enjoy the Italian Film Festival after a delicious Italian meal. We also have several other organizations in the Bay Area that are our ‘Compatrioti’ and often offer our members access to additional special events from the larger community.

Our community commitment extends to various organizations or programs in the larger Bay Area. Il Cenacolo provides financial support to different opera and Italian language/history venues in the Bay Area. We also have a unique scholarship program focusing on creating a deeper appreciation of Italian culture in the next generation.

We are excited to hear from you. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us.

Molte grazie

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