Dario Fo


Dario Fo was one of one of the most important dramatists of the 20th century. He was an Italian actor–playwright, comedian, singer, theater director, stage designer, composer, painter, and political campaigner for the Italian left-wing. His dramatic work employed comedic methods of the ancient Italian “commedia dell’ arte,” a theatrical style that was popular with the masses. He owned and operated a theater company with his wife and leading actress, Franca Rame, for many years. His works were scathing and satirical, blending laughter and gravity to highlight the abuses and injustices in society. He was determined to present an independent view, which led him to take risks in his work, often bringing upon him the condemnation of the government and the Catholic Church.

CELEBRATED: Italian actor, comedian, singer, director, painter
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ASSOCIATIONS: Left-wing activist
ADDITIONAL KEY INFO: 1997 Nobel Prize for Literature
Lived 20th

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