Arcangelo Corelli


Arcangelo Corelli was one of the seminal figures of Baroque music. He was the first master of the modern violin, and the predominance of that instrument in the music of the following centuries is his technical and pedagogical legacy. He managed to extract from the violin a beauty of tone and singing lyricism that were previously unknown; these qualities brought him international fame, both for his own performances and for those of his many students who began to disseminate his techniques. It would not be an overstatement to say that the fundamentals of modern string playing—including issues of both bowing and fingering—descend directly from Corelli. He was also a composer who was a major figure in the development of the modern genres of sonata and concerto. His compositional pieces were the first coalescing of modern tonality andfunctional harmony, thus shaping the development of musical styles in the following centuries.

CELEBRATED: Composer, musician
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ASSOCIATIONS: Seminal figure in Baroque music
ADDITIONAL KEY INFO: First master of the modern violin
Lived 17th

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