Anna Magnani


Last month’s essay on Grazia Deledda and this month’s essay on Anna Magnani celebrate the lives and achievements of two women who were masters of their careers and received international recognition for the level of perfection they achieved. Deledda was the first and only Italian woman to win the Nobel Prize for Literature (1926). Magnani was the first Italian to win an Academy Award (Best Actress, 1955, in The Rose Tattoo). I wrote both of these essays to celebrate the inclusion of women as members of Il Cenacolo in its 90th year. I am pleased to welcome our new women members to our organization, and I look forward to many years of shared stories and camaraderie with them. Benvenuto!!!

CELEBRATED: Italian Actress
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ASSOCIATIONS: First Italian to win an Academy Award (Best Actress 1955)
ADDITIONAL KEY INFO: Starred in “The Rose Tattoo” with Burt Lancaster
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