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Q: What wine pairs with Ahi tuna?

Contributor: Susanne Segal

A: Grilled Ahi tuna is definitely a “red meat” (just look at it! ) and by grilling it you give it the Maillard reaction (carmelization) and smokiness. But it is not as heavy or fatty as a ribeye steak. So the perfect pairing may be a medium-bodied red wine, Grenache, Mourvedre, Malbec or Barbera. If you have to stay with white wines think of fuller-bodied white wines–a fruity, buttery, chardonnay or one of the pinot grigios with a darker coloration (more skin contact and riper when picked, so more sugars and tannins). But if you really want to get creative try a Nigori-Zake.  Nigori-Zaki is an unfiltered sake and will look cloudy, not clear.  It may even have some of the koji rice in the bottle.  Being unfiltered it is sweeter and fuller-bodied which should go well with the caramelization and smokiness from the grilling.  Serve Nigori-Zaki ice cold.

Ciao! Ron


By Ronald L. Fenolio
CEO/Proprietor – Veedercrest Estates LLC
Chair – Family Winemakers of California
© 2021 Ronald L. Fenolio


Ron Fenolio

‘Ask Ron ‘is written by Ron Fenoli, the sole proprietor of Veedercrest, an award-winning Napa Valley Cabernet producer and 2017 Winery of the Year at the American Fine Wine Invitational. He is also a member of the California Wine Institute and is Chair of Family Winemakers of California, a winery trade association of 350 California wineries. Read More >>

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