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Secrets of the Italian Home Cook

In this series of posts you will learn basic cooking techniques and gain the confidence to cook a delicious and healthy meal using what is on hand and without a recipe. Especially useful in the Italian kitchen, these techniques are a part of the repertoire of every good home cook or professional chef.

Series author: Ron Fenolio, CEO Veedercrest Estates.
polenta with vegetables corn grits pizza with tomato eggplant
Image by timolina on Freepik
Polenta, a Specialty of Northern Italy
In northern Italy, polenta is a popular staple. Learn how to cook polenta and enjoy it as an appetizer, a first course, a main course, or even as a…
Gran Bollito Misto, a Winter Delectable
Thanksgiving and Christmas are over, we are settling into the new year, and, depending where one is in the world, a long, cold winter. Meals change to reflect the…

Italian Family Recipes