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“Our mission is to preserve, enhance and encourage all aspects of Italian arts, language and culture. We recognize the unique contribution of Italian heritage that is intertwined in the history and life of the San Francisco Bay Area.”

Il Cenacolo is an Italian Cultural Club founded in 1928 in San Francisco. Over the past 90 years, membership has ranged from 125 to 250, and is remarkably longstanding.  At this writing, we have 20 members who have been here for 20 years, 15 members for 30 years, 17 members for 50 years, and 7 members for over 50 years! Many new members have joined since 2000.

We are a group of Italians, Italian-Americans and Italophiles. We delight in Italy and Italian culture. The founders of Il Cenacolo were people of vitality, enterprise, and broadmindedness, and today’s members are no different, being men and women of accomplishment, with a full love of life. We are sensitive to the immigrant journey, as many have our own family stories to tell. We are especially fond of San Francisco, where the Italian population has thrived and been integral to the prosperity of greater community.

We celebrate the lives and successes of Italians and Italian-Americans who have made their mark in the world. We have an appreciation for history, and a keen interest in innovation and excellence in all aspects of Italian culture: design and art, literature, opera, food and wine, technology, education, film, language, architecture, travel. One caveat: we firmly abide by the old adage of not discussing religion or politics. We are a friendly, receptive and intelligent group with deep roots, ranging curiosity, and, of course a love of all things Italian.

We welcome speakers and writers on any of these subjects from members as well as non-members.

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Pre-COVID, and since 1928, members met at noon every Thursday at a restaurant in San Francisco’s North Beach for a good Italian lunch with wine, followed by a presentation by a speaker. Now, we continue the Thursday tradition, on the first and third (and fifth) Thursdays with lunch at noon and Zoom at 1 pm, and the second and fourth Thursdays with Zoom only at 1 pm. One advantage of the Zoom addition is that more members can participate. Click here for more information about how to prepare to be a Virtual Presenter:


We are looking for original writing, 500-1000 words, on any of the topics mentioned above. We ask that quality images be submitted with the final piece (500 px across minimum).


At this time we do not offer an honorarium, but we will promote you and your contributions with your website and other non-commercial information.


If you wish to contribute, please fill out our Contact Us form and include your idea proposal, and one of our members will get back to you promptly.

In your message, describe your concept, and provide your website if you have one. If you have been referred by a member, please mention the name. If you wish to contribute an article, please attach a small sample of your work or posts on the web where you are clearly credited. If you have photos, please note the specifications.

Thank you for being a part of our community, promoting and enjoying Italian culture!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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