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Ron Fenolio of Veedercrest Wines, will answer  your questions about wine, food, and the art of pairing the two together. Learn the basics so you can explore and be creative in your wine and food adventures. Send in your question is easy using the form below.

Q: What wine pairs with Ahi tuna?

A: Grilled Ahi tuna is definitely a “red meat” (just look at it! ) and by grilling it you give it the Maillard reaction (carmelization) and smokiness. But it is not as heavy or fatty as a ribeye steak. So the perfect pairing may be a medium-bodied red wine, Grenache, Mourvedre, Malbec or Barbera. If you have to stay with white wines think of fuller-bodied white wines–a fruity, buttery, chardonnay or one of the pinot grigios with a darker coloration (more skin contact and riper when picked, so more sugars and tannins). But if you really want to get creative try a Nigori-Zake.  Nigori-Zaki is an unfiltered sake and will look cloudy, not clear.  It may even have some of the koji rice in the bottle.  Being unfiltered it is sweeter and fuller-bodied which should go well with the caramelization and smokiness from the grilling.  Serve Nigori-Zaki ice cold.

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Ron Fenolio

Ron Fenolio

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