Italian Word of The Day

Italian word of the day: Narcisi

Narcisi (masculine noun, plural) [narˈtʃizo] • Translation for (Botany) narcissus, commonly known as Daffodils, marking the beginning of Spring.

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Specialities of the Christmas Season

In a previous post (“Holiday Traditions: Italian Christmas Fare”) I began the seemingly endless discussion about the many Italian and Italian-American winter holiday traditions, including the wondrous “Feast of the Seven Fishes” of Christmas Eve. There is so much more

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Andrew M. Canepa shares our colorful history beginning in the early days of San Francisco’s founding.

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Susanne Segal

Il Cenacolo’s 2023 Person of the Year, Susanne Segal, managed communications for Il Cenacolo from 1997 to mid-2023. …

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Chuck Stagliano

Chuck Stagliano acceptance speech as 2019 Person of the Year captures the appeal of our organization.

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