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Gran Bollito Misto, a Winter Delectable

Thanksgiving and Christmas are over, we are settling into the new year, and, depending where one is in the world, a long, cold winter. Meals change to reflect the weather—we are no longer going outside to use the barbeque grill,

History of Il Cenacolo
Reflections on Il Cenacolo

Il Cenacolo SF Highlights

Il Cenacolo History

Andrew M. Canepa shares our colorful history beginning in the early days of San Francisco’s founding.

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Eugene Lanzone
2022 Person of the Year Eugene Lanzone

Il Cenacolo’s 2022 Person of the Year, Eugene Lanzone, is a respected pillar of our community in San Francisco and …

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Chuck Stagliano

Chuck Stagliano acceptance speech as 2019 Person of the Year captures the appeal of our organization.

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