Welcome Il Cenacolo San Francisco. We recently celebrated our 90th Anniversary.
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One of the ways we support the arts is by sponsoring young opera singers to participate in Merola.
Asked as a child what he wanted to be when grown up, he answered:  "An Italian."
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Il Cenacolo is an organization that preserves, enhances and encourages all aspects of Italian arts, language and culture and recognizes the unique contribution of Italian heritage that is intertwined in the history and life of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Biscotti di Mia Madre

David Giannini can attest to my biscotti. I bake them using my dear late mother’s recipe. I have given many people the recipe but I

Soup Pot on Stove

Zuppa di Fagiolane / Sopa de Pallares

Named for the city where the Spaniards first found it, the lima is one of the oldest beans to come out of the Americas, with remains dating from 6000 to 5000 BC. Scientists recognize two main branches of the genus domesticated in Latin America.

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Dream BIG Like an Italian: Discover the History and the Magic

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