1st Thursday Speaker

La Vita!

Italian Lifestyle

Italian Word of The Day
Vino e Cibo!
Add a layering of flavors into your cooking.

Layers of Flavors

Knowing how to layer flavors in is the mark of a good home cook. This skill is based on the art and science of layering flavors to create depth and intensity in the overall taste experience. And best of all, it can be learned.

San Francisco History
Reflections on Il Cenacolo

Il Cenacolo SF Highlights

Il Cenacolo History

Andrew M. Canepa shares our colorful history beginning in the early days of San Francisco’s founding.

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Susanne Segal

Il Cenacolo’s 2023 Person of the Year, Susanne Segal, managed communications for Il Cenacolo from 1997 to mid-2023. …

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Chuck Stagliano

Chuck Stagliano acceptance speech as 2019 Person of the Year captures the appeal of our organization.

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