Welcome to Il Cenacolo San Francisco. We recently celebrated our 90th Anniversary.
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Il Cenacolo is an organization that preserves, enhances and encourages all aspects of Italian arts, language and culture and recognizes the unique contribution of Italian heritage that is intertwined in the history and life of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Upcoming Events

Author, Carla Gambescia

December 3rd, 12 Noon / Part 1: From its inauspicious beginnings at the end of the Roman

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Author, Carla Gambescia

December 10th, 12 Noon / Part 2: From its cultural high-water mark, through its slow opulent &

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img The Merrie Olde Christmas Carolers

The Merrie Olde Christmas Carolers have been entertaining and amusing audiences in the Bay area for over 40 years, and have appeared on local television and radio programs.

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On a warm and pleasant Sunday afternoon last October, I was able to spend a fine afternoon with my grandson out on the Bay. And,

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Live Like an Italian

Molto bene!

Eat Like An Italian

What's For Dinner?

Italian style stuffed artichokes

Carciofi Siciliani Ripieni

Amici, One of my favorite Italian-American cookbooks is “The Sopranos Cookbook” (but seriously, don’t let the book’s name scare you away)! Across this cookbook’s pages,

Photo: David B. Townsend, Unsplash.com

Salmon with Raspberry Wine Sauce

If you wish to make the raspberry sauce more complex put a dash of lavender bitters and a dash of cherry brandy or raspberry brandy

Il Professore is In

Dream BIG Like an Italian: Discover the History and the Magic